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Kit Sadgrove

Kit is the author of several leading books on risk management. His latest book is The Risk Mitigation Handbook (right).


Disruption, over-regulation and cyber threats are typical of the major risks that management has to cope with. But until now there hasn’t been a formula to contain them.

In The Risk Mitigation Handbook, Kit Sadgrove provides practical and actionable steps you can take to minimise the threats to your business. With over 160 checklists and a wealth of revealing case studies, this is the first book to recommend detailed action plans. After reviewing each risk, the author provides a list of measurable tactics necessary to neutralise the threat. The book lists a comprehensive range of risks that organisations face today, with a special emphasis on business strategy, security and people management. Sadgrove also takes a sharp look at how to reduce the risk of operational failure, supply chain weakness and regulatory compliance.

Unlike previous books on enterprise risk, The Risk Mitigation Handbook sets out detailed solutions rather than generic risk management theories. The book has been carefully edited to provide fast information for the busy senior manager. Stripped back to the bare essentials, The Risk Mitigation Handbook gives the reader bullet points and strategies that give you the information you need to mitigate hundreds of risks.

Kit Sadgrove is the author of several best-selling books on risk management. He is chief executive of the Cortant risk consultancy and the Blackford Centre. His Sure™ model helps businesses create strategic plans that take account of future risks, including competitor behaviour and disruption.



The Complete
Guide to
Business Risk

Complete Guide to Business Risk Management

If you want to be in business in ten years time, ask three questions:

What are the worst things that could happen us?

  • How likely are they to happen?
  • Are we taking the right steps to prevent them?
  • This is the art of risk management, and the subject of this book.

The Complete Guide to Business Risk Management helps you identify risks and prevent them from taking place. It then shows what steps you should take in the event of a crisis.

Business is inherently risky. At any moment, A competitor may launch a superior product, a fire may engulf your premises, or a government decision may tie the company up in red tape.

We have to live with those uncertainties, because without them, the business can’t serve its customers or make profits.

There is no point in trying to avoid risk completely. “Hide from risk and you hide from its rewards” said a sign in the New York dealing room of Bankers Trust.

Inaction merely creates new risks. If you don’t innovate you stagnate, and that leads to failure. So this book doesn’t warn you off risk taking. Rather, it helps you understand your risks and manage them professionally.

It emphasises the really big risks – being caught napping by a change of technology, a change in the business cycle, or being left behind by competitors’ activity.

We start by asking the questions, ‘What is risk’, ‘How do we assess it’, and ‘How can it be managed?’ Each subsequent chapter covers a major area of risk, such as finance or the environment.

The book shows how to audit the main areas of risk. It outlines the questions that need to be asked, and then helps you develop a risk management plan for each area.